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Tuesday 11 June, 12:15

High Technology Value with Every Interpretation – A Single Canvas for Fast Track Interpretation and Prospect Ranking of a Regional Dataset

Presented by: Bruno de Ribet

Seismic interpreters routinely deal with projects that integrate regional-scale 2D surveys, mega-merge 3D volumes and thousands of wells for prospect identification, ranking, and validation. Consequently, the selection of the right technical solution is a business critical decision for oil and gas companies. Learn how the Paradigm interpretation solution incorporates break-through technologies (GPU-based voxel rendering), a rich diversity of data (including pre-stack data) and workflows that take advantage of the progressive increases in the shear volumes of data while still easily accommodating the daily and routine interpretation tasks.
Supporting Technologies: Paradigm™ 2011.3

Wednesday 12 June, 12:15 

Characterization, Modeling and Flow Simulation of a Non-Conventional Fractured Basement Reservoir in Offshore Vietnam

Presented by: Caroline Milliotte (NFR Studies)

A new reservoir modeling and simulation workflow is presented. It integrates the complex structure of the field and the sharp property contrasts in order to reproduce the dynamic behavior observed on the production wells. The challenge in fractured basement reservoir is that faults and fractures control fluid flow, because the granitoid host rocks have only marginal porosity and permeability. Also the reservoir shares many of the traits of naturally fractured reservoirs (NFRs), such as large well rate variability, rapid pressure decline and inter-well communication, and early water breakthrough, leading to a prohibitive water cut. This makes it challenging to sustain production and define the production measures that will optimize ultimate recovery from the field.
Supporting technologies: CSMP++ (NFR Studies), SKUA®